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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby Massage

Over 4 weeks, you will learn and practice a baby massage routine which will help to soothe and relax your bundle of joy.

 Baby massage will promote relaxation not only for baby but for you too, and can help to soothe wind and colic.

 Trained with Blossom and Berry, this course uses traditional Indian massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology, baby yoga and settling techniques,  so what’s not to love?

Your course includes;

A bottle of nourishing organic Baby Massage Oil
hand-outs, plus a lil’ something for the materfamilias*

* just a rather eccentric way of saying, ma, pa, etc..

The course is suitable for babies from 6 weeks, to active crawling if there are no course dates showing in the classes page,  and would like more  if would like more information or you would like to enquire about 1:2:1 i’d love to hear from you 

Members can watch the exclusive Baby Massage videos by clicking here

Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond and play with your baby. It encourages baby’sIMG_7752 senses through yoga inspired stretches, and a variety of stimulus such as movement, song, touch and dance.  Every class includes lots of singing and play for you and your baby.   Your nurturing touch during a class aides the development of the baby’s brain and the nervous system, working with the vestibular, proprioceptive and somatosensory systems.

The vestibular system helps infants find their place in space, and this is stimulated by Rocking and Swinging your baby, Lifting and Balancing.

It also helps support the Proprioception system. Proprioception is the movement and position of the limbs and body in relation to space and is very important, as without it babies would not be able to learn the coordination that is required to bring their hand to their mouth. By working with babies bodies, every single movement will send a message to the brain which informs postural awareness and coordination.

The somatosensory system is primarily concerned with touch this can be developed through baby yoga, through massage and movement. Touch gives a baby an awareness of their body.

Both Baby Massage and Baby Yoga support the somatosensory system because of the constant combination of touching, stroking, handling and movement, and best of all, this stimulation is done in the safety of your loving arms.

Lots of classes from NewBambini – Baby’s first Yoga,  Suitable for babies 8 weeks to Active crawling to Movers and Shakers Suitable for active crawlers to active walking, and not forgetting Dad at Just me and my Dad Yoga Sessions, from 8 weeks… for when and where check the classes page


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Members can watch the exclusive Baby Yoga videos by clicking here