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Mummy & Newbambini Baby Yoga -Baby’s first Yoga

Suitable for babies from 8 weeks to active crawling

Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond and play with your baby.  The classes are fun and relaxed allowing you the opportunity to take time out to feed, change and comfort your baby whenever necessary.  Baby Yoga inspires baby’s senses through a variety of stimulus such as movement, song, touch and dance, so every class includes plenty of singing and play for baby ( …& don’t worry if you think you can’t sing, your little one will LOVE it!).  There are also some wonderful yoga stretches to help with baby’s digestion, so be prepared for the occasional windy pop!

And not leaving the materfamilias out, there is always time for a little yoga for you too, incorporating some yummy postnatal Yoga for Mum, whilst baby has a a well earned rest.

The classes usually end a lovely relaxation and a well-earned cuppa allowing a fantastic way to meet lots new parents and after enjoying the benefits of Yoga.

Movers and Shakers

Suitable for active crawlers to active walking

A wonderful graduation from Newbambini when baby is moving around  more and ready to go. It is a great idea to bring a favourite toy along, (or the flavour of the moment, maybe that rustling envelope that is just soooo interesting)  to keep them entertained when it’s your yoga time.  Enjoying many of the same songs, movements and play learnt in Newbambini, baby will be more familiar with songs and moves allowing them to really enjoy their sessions.

Yummy Mummy and Me Classes

From 6 weeks…

If you are a proud new mummy, have had your 6 week check, you and your baby can come along to the Yummy Mummy & Me classes.   These classes are aimed at the postnatal body.  During the class you can begin strengthen your body, pelvic floor muscles, and help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It’s great way to meet other new mums and share the sacred secrets of motherhood.

To register your interest, please click here or for more information please contact me.

Just me and my Dad Yoga Sessions

From 8 weeks…

A wonderful class just for the doting Daddies and their gorgeous babbies.  Come along and join other new Dads at this fun baby Yoga class.  Singing along with your dulcet baritones combined with dance and play, these sessions are a great way to bond with your new arrival.

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So if you and your little one are fit and well I would love to see you both on the mat. 
Please complete the registration form, and I will call you for a quick chat before your first class.
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Pregnancy Yoga

So you are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet, congratulations!!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a woman’s life. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Practicing yoga will support you through this amazing journey into motherhood.  Pregnancy Yoga can help with flexibility and strength and help to deal with the many many changes that occur both mentally and physically.  A dedicated time just for you to bond with your growing bump.

During the classes you will have the opportunity to move through poses developing strength and flexibility.  The classes can help the body and mind prepare for pregnancy and birth.  Learning breathing techniques to help encourage relaxation and help you focus your busy mind, working with pelvic floor exercises, time for contemplation and having fun meeting other mums-to-be.

The classes are suitable from 14 weeks

Your first trimester is a busy time for your growing baby and sees baby grow at its fastest rate.  This rapid growth can make you feel tired and emotional, so you should allow yourself this time to let your body adjust and welcome your exciting new addition into your life. I often recommend reading Bountiful Blissful Beautiful by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

So if you are 14 weeks + I would love to support you through your exciting journey.  Please complete the registration form, and I will call you for a quick chat before your first class.

If you feel private 1:2:1 are better suited to your needs,  please contact me.


Have you made new friends at your NCT group?

Why not try arrange  ‘Mummy 2 B followed by tea’

A really lovely way to bond with you and your baby’s new friends, by arranging a group session for you all to prepare for the arrival of your little ones, and if you have enough time after the class, bond a little more over a cup of tea… (and sometimes Cake!)

If you would like to enquire about private Pregnancy 1:2:1, or pregnancy group sessions, please contact me.



Private 1:2:1 Tuition

Personalised and Private 1:2:1 sessions, what more could you ask for?

Life IS busy. Work sometimes just gets in the way (I’m sure it doesn’t mean too) but before you know it “SNAP” its next week and that’s another class you just didn’t make…

If you are finding it difficult to get to a regular class then private tuition may just be the ticket.  1:2:1’s are the perfect way to develop a regular practice and can fit in with any schedule.

Everyone can benefit from private tuition.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete newbini, a mummy to be, or a baby momma with a limited timescale, you can benefit from a tailor made 1:2:1 session at a time to suit in a place that fits.

But it’s not just for busy bees; here are a few reasons why many people choose 1:2:1 session’s

  • new to yoga and  want to give it a go (but secretly it’s because they want to know what all the fuss is about)
  • unable to attend classes due to illness or disability
  • to help reduce stress
  • to develop and enhance techniques and deepen their practice
  • experience yoga in the comfort of own home

Have room for two?

Why not try an ‘awesome twosome session’

If you have a “+1” and you are happy to share your yoga time with them why not take advantage at a time that fits you both.

What’s that you say? You have more than two?

Yoga can be taught pretty much anywhere.  If you have access to a suitable space , then I am happy to come and teach a Yoga class!

If you would like to enquire about private 1:2:1,  please contact me.


Toddler Yoga

Suitable for adventurous toddlers up to age 5

Toddler yoga is an amazing way to introduce the practice of yoga inspired moves, breathing techniques, mudra and mindfulness to you and your adventurous toddler.  It’s a fantastic introduction to yoga and it really doesn’t matter if you haven’t done any yoga before!  These toddler yoga classes not only offer yoga inspired moves through storytelling but include time for sensory play, singing, making friends and having lots of fun.

If your little yogi is a little shy, it’s often a great idea to bring along a toy, that might want to do the yoga along with them.

To register your interest please click here…


If you are part of the exciting online Zoom SYS Toddler yoga classes, please book here… Book online


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